European craft tool

Make friendship bracelets, necklaces and anklets to your hearts desire! The etoile makes it so easy and simple to braid. 


To use the Etoile Braiding Star:

You will need 7 strands of whatever kind of cotton, string, yarn you would like to use. Tie the ends together.

Slip the yarns through the hole, the knot should be in the hole.

Place one strand of yarn in 7 slots, one should be empty.

Hold the loom in your off hand with the empty slot facing you.

Count 3 slots to the left of the empty slot, remove the yarn from that slot and bring forward to the open slot.

Turn the loom so the now empty slot is facing you, and repeat.

Every few yarn placements run your fingers through the unbraided ends to untangle them.

Once your braid is the length you desire unhook the yarn from the loom and tie it in a knot. 

Voila, you have now completed your braided rope!


Please note - only includes Etoile Braiding Star (no yarn etc is included)


Barcode # AWE050
Brand Awe & Wonder

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